Appliance Pick Up

Free of Charge

Appliances pick up

Appliances pick up

Fill out the form below to schedule a free appliance pick up. Please note that you must live in or near a major city in order to qualify for this service. Also note that your appliances must be situated on ground level. Appliance located upstairs or in the basement will cost 25 dollars per appliance to be removed.

Appliances pick up is available in  your area free of charge when you contact us for to haul away all of your old and broken appliances. Wait no longer for excellent appliances pick up service. We come to where you are to haul away your appliances for free. This is a fast growing service as many people become aware that there is a demand for free appliance pick up .

Appliances pick up (What area do we cover)


We have associates on standby in many areas of the United States. So if you live in or somewhere near a major city, you can enjoy free appliances pick up which is fast and friendly by a local company or individual who has a need for your appliances. Your service is valuable to us so if we do not have an associate in your area, we and possibly located a company for your.

Appliances pick up (what appliances do we take)

Our associates accept all makes and models of heavy appliance. So load us up with all of your old and broken appliances that you no longer want on your property. Fore example we accept:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • washers
  • dryers
  • stoves and ranges


Please note that a dishwasher must be accompanied with another major appliance in order to be accepted for appliances pick up. This rule is in place because it is not profitable for our associates to travel to your home or place of business to haul away just a single dishwasher. The same holds true with just a microwave oven.

Appliances pick up (fees apply in some circumstances)

If you appliances are located upstairs or in the basement then a 25 dollars free will be assessed per appliance to help cover the cost of labor dealing with the removal of your appliances. To avoid this fee, please have you appliances on ground level such as in the house on the first floor or in the garage. Fill out the form above for appliances pick up and someone will contact you shortly to set up a time and date to pick up appliances at  your location.


Free appliance pick up Colorado

We have just made if possible to you to receive free appliances pick up in Denver. We can also assist you with appliance pick up in Colorado Springs if you are in need of our professional service. No need to wait for trash day, we offer free appliance pick up Denver and Colorado springs with same day service if  you live in or near a major city.

Free appliance pick up Las Vegas

Are you in Las Vegas and need free appliances pick up? No problem.  We have associates on standby waiting to haul away your appliances for free in the Las Vegas area. Just fill out the form above and someone in Las Vegas will contact you to set up your free appliance pick up appointment.

Free appliance pick up San Diego

It is now possible for residents living in San Diego to get free appliance pick up. We have someone now in San Diego ready to haul away your appliances free of charge. Fill out the form above to get free appliances pick up today.